A Jack of all trades

Malcolm Cheeseman and his son, Simon, run something of a rarity – a family owned shopping mall. But the Cheesemans are not a super-rich, powerful family. Malcolm and his wife live in a four bedroomed house on the edge of town, one block down from Simon and his wife, who also live in a four… Read More A Jack of all trades

All About The Internet

The internet is an incredible place. You can do practically anything you could ever think of on there and you can do it in seconds. Rewind just 20 or so years and if you told anyone that they would be able to do their food shopping, find out breaking news, and even chat to their… Read More All About The Internet

Diesel: The Mack-Daddy

Diesel generators are the best way to go in terms of portable generators. Let’s face it: our economy today is not ideal, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better any time soon. We’ve reached a point where we accept gasoline prices which are twice as high as they ought to be… Read More Diesel: The Mack-Daddy

Home Cookin’, Slow-Style

In today’s busy world, many people don’t have the patience for slow cooking, but the idea still brings to mind that mouth-watering tenderness which we all remember from our mothers’ preparations when we were children. Slow-cooked meats fall right off the bone, and seem to almost melt in your mouth. Slow-cooked vegetables retain that wholesome,… Read More Home Cookin’, Slow-Style